Bear Your Soul is a movement of men that grew out of events at Easton Mountain. We seek to bring more brotherhood and acceptance to the bear community. We honor the body, mind and spirit of all of our brothers. We value heart centered interaction, authenticity, respect for ourselves and others, healthy sex positivity and inclusion. We build community, personal growth and brotherhood through retreats & workshops for men of all shapes, colors & sizes!

Upcoming Events


More than your average Bear Run

Bear Your Soul is a series of retreats and workshops that brings together men of all shapes, colors, sizes, and abilities - across the gender spectrum - in order to build and foster a stronger bear community. Our small, intimate events bring together workshops, playful fun, discussions, and revelry to create an experience that’ll send you home more connected to your brothers, more in touch with yourself, and more confident in your body. We hope to help guys of all body types feel more comfortable in their own skin. When we are authentic and vulnerable we are open to even more satisfying lives, both erotically and in more holistic sense. In short, we hope to foster a sense of radical acceptance, letting go of shame, and becoming comfortable with our full and true selves. Bear Your Soul offers workshops and discussions that allow men of all shapes and sizes to connect more deeply with themselves and one another. Our unique Loving Our Bear Bodies workshop, for example, leads participants through a shared yet personal journey of discovering the beauty within the bear body, all within the healing embrace of your fellow brothers.

Bear Your Soul has hosted workshops and events such as:

  • Loving Our Bear Bodies
  • Belly Dancing
  • Sensual & Erotic Massage
  • Big, Bear & Healthy
  • Guided meditation
  • Live performances
  • Dances
  • Nature Hikes
  • Cuddle piles

Through these facilitated experiences, we provide many opportunities for personal growth, creating connections between men, and building a more inclusive bear community. Please join us in building and evolving this movement to help bears of all stripes find their way through the world.