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JoJo DeRodrigo aka JoJo Bear

JoJo DeRodrigo is a Somatic Sex Coach and Educator who uses somatic bodywork as a tool to assist people with change, insight and exploration around the body, sex desires and pleasure. He also is a Hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis and guided imagery for liberation and enhancement around the world of sexuality. His passion is working with people with body issues. He uses a modality called “Hypnomassage” that integrates hypnosis and touch to link the subconscious mind with the physical body. His main intention is to help people find their own pleasure! JoJo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but has lived in California for the past 22 years

He will be leading or co-leading:

- Bearotic Massage
- The Soul Hug
- The Art of Pleasure
- Mud Massage

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