You probably think a lot abut intimacy, but you may not realize that you're doing it.  You're thinking about how you can get a hot date for this weekend, or —

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Meet Dave Allen

Sunfire first met Dave Allen in 2005, when Dave facilitated the Body Electric program, Power Surrender and Intimacy. So impressed was Sunfire by Dave's ability to create a dynamic retreat that he signed up for that program in 2006, 2007, and again in 2008.

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Easton MountainComment
Touch Speaks Louder Than Words

As a massage therapist and body worker for over thirty years, and having worked with so many gay, bi, and men beyond sexuality labels, I know the power of touch to offer comfort, connection, and to help men to heal from feelings of ...

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Arnie KatzComment
Why Tantra? And Why Now?

Easton Mountain's Mission Statement describes us as "a force for positive change in the world." Rudy Ballentine's Kali Rising describes the body of Eastern teachings and practices known as tantra and shows how tantra can help us in the West navigate through the changes, positive and negative, that are all around us.  

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