Easton Mountain: A Community of Service

As a former member of a monastic community for thirteen years, I have continued to keep some of the “monastic” experience within me. Coming to Easton in the year 2000 and for many subsequent years as retreat participant, retreat leader/staff member, and volunteer, I have been struck by the similarities between Easton Mountain and monastic life. St. Benedict in his

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Steve SalisComment
Naked Mysteries

Murals from a mystery school in Pompeii show nudity in a ritual, the exact nature of which, lacking other historic sources, we can only imagine. Native American practices, including the hanbleceya (vision quest) and the inipi (sweat lodge) are often done naked.

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History of Bear Your Soul retreats at EM

Over the past five years, Bear Your Soul retreats have brought a vibrant and diverse community of men to Easton Mountain to create community, heal and recharge. As we approach Bear Your Soul’s 12th Easton Mountain retreat this January, it’s a good time to look back and see just how this all started in the first place

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Easton MountainComment
The Power of Touch

Why do we seek touch? What does touch give us that other senses don’t?  Touch gives us a kinesthetic sense of our bodies, a felt sense of our connection to ourselves and to others, a sense of where our bodies are in time and space.  Touch is like a food that feeds us.  As so many of us …

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Arnie KatzComment

You probably think a lot abut intimacy, but you may not realize that you're doing it.  You're thinking about how you can get a hot date for this weekend, or —

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