A Statement from John Stasio on the Shootings in Orlando

I just spent a week in community with a group called “Loving Men.”  I arrived back in London last night and was enjoying my break from the internet, but when i reconnected I heard the news from Orlando.  Violence and madness have struck again.  In the times when I experience this level pain, grief, powerlessness and horror, I wonder what to do?  When faced with such evil it only makes sense to me to stand for all that I hold dear, sacred and what makes me most alive.  In the face of death, I affirm life.  In the face of hatred, I affirm love.  In the face of homophobia and anti-LGBT violence I stand together in community with queer brothers and sisters and allies.  I feel grief, fear and rage.   I will not let my repulsion to such violence be cast as hatred against any group of people who are no more culpable than I.  I will repudiate any who turn such tragedy into a play for political gain.  I will live on.  I will love the life I still possess. I will continue to struggle and to love others -- and life itself with greater passion.