Arnie Katz Introduces Himself

My name is Arnie Katz. I am a massage therapist, bodyworker and provider of healing touch in Boston.  I have also been going to Easton Mountain since 2007, and have been facilitating workshops here since May, 2015.

People ask what drew me to massage. It was strictly experiential and a surprise to me.  In 1984, I was twenty-one years old and worked part time at a catering company. A co-worker and friend told me that she had started giving massages. I had never had one.  I went to her home; she gave me a massage; and, as she massaged my back, I cried and released a lot of tension I had been holding for years. It was a profound experience. I also met a healer that year who told me that I had a gift of healing touch. I wasn't aware of this.

That summer, I went to a healing center in Montana. They had a massage room with a table. One day, I approached a friend and asked if I could massage her. She said yes. It felt so natural - like I had been giving massage all my life. It was so exciting to just “know” where to go and how to touch and to feel that sense of ease, confidence and trust in myself. It was very joyful to me (and still is!) to have intuition guide me and to feel and know that I am making a difference in someone’s life.

Having massaged now for thirty-two years, I am often in awe of how people experience healing in that very relaxed state of peace and quiet that they go to. When I say healing, that does not mean like healing broken bones. It means that people can come back into balance with themselves, relax their bodies deeply, perhaps quiet and calm their overactive minds, and just experience a sense of rejuvenation and perhaps a new aware of their bodies. When I massage someone and see them let go and relax, it is very rewarding and satisfying. It feels like a privilege and an honor to support people into a journey into themselves, especially if it is a place inside that perhaps they have never been before or seldom go to because of the busyness of every day life.

When the massage is done and I see someone laying there so relaxed, it is almost as if an angel takes over their face. The sense of peace and relaxation is so beautiful to see. It is part of my contribution towards a more peaceful world and a world where body, mind and spirit can be more integrated.

Arnie Katz will be leading Exploring Conscious Touch, October 13-16, 2016.