Arnie Katz Speaks of the Benefits of Massage

You may ask: “How is touch healing for people?” There are many ways to approach and answer that question. On a scientific level, there are touch receptors in the skin that the body responds to. Also, receiving touch and massage releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. On a simpler level, touch (for most people) feels good. It relaxes. It communicates a direct sense of caring and connection. It helps people to connect to themselves.

Often, when people experience stress, it is their reactions to what they are experiencing that is at issue, and the way those reactions manifest in the body.  Massage slows down heart rate and respiration, massage helps release toxins from the body, massage strengthens the immune system and enhances a sense of well being. Massage and touch can help calm the mind so that we can tune into a different awareness within ourselves. It opens doors to the spiritual realm where we can receive more calm, peace, and a sense of connection to ourselves or what some people call the higher self.

In that moment of touch, something is communicated by and through the massage therapist to the person receiving. How that person receives the touch is individual and dependent upon that person’s awareness, openness and trust. Yet, laying on a massage table and being in a receptive mode and receiving touch opens channels and doors to deeper relaxation beyond the conscious mind. Many people drift while they get massage and that is believed to be a very healing state for the mind, where one can tune into new thoughts or a new awareness of self.

Arnie Katz will be leading Exploring Conscious Touch, October 13-16, 2016.