Candy's Corner - Free the Queen!

As we head toward yet another wonderful Easton Retreat “Winter Spirit Camp,”  I am reminded of one of the reasons I go to Easton.  I get to leave behind any constraints or societal expectations, step out of my smart, yet restrained business suit and feel completely free to be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do.  In that space, I never really know what is going to happen or what part of me will express itself.  It was from this space of free self-expression, and with quite some surprise and wonder ( I didn’t see her coming!!), that Candy burst on to the scene, with a playfulness and sparkle I hadn’t experienced in a long time!  

I invite us all to wonder, what part of us has been quietly waiting to be expressed?  What part of us could lead the way to joy, play and freedom, if we’d just let it?


Well, are you ready?  What better way to let your spirit play, than by joining Candy and the gang at Easton Mountain for Winter Spirit Camp!!!


See you there!



“Free the Queen”

It’s been a while since Miss Candy was born

Threw on a dress and in I was sworn

A new drag persona with all that entails

Make up, tight dresses, stilettos and nails

With a swish and a flick of my Drag Mother’s wand

Exploded a fierce light, of which I’ve grown fond

I took to my heels, with no scowl or flinches

And rose in to the air, with the help of six inches

OK, I am cheeky, I know how to impress

A smile, a quip and very short dress

From modest beginnings, I see nothing wrong

Though I’d never go out without my diamonds on!

And in just one year since I jumped off the shelf

I’ve been Drag Mother, to some Drag Queens, myself.

Each one unique, in their presence and style

But one thing in common…they’re all wearing a smile!

You see magic happens inside of those heels

For those who have tried it, you know how it feels

Grace, glamor, charm, in bedazzling beauty

Dressed to impress, it's simply our duty!

I think we're just born with some glitter inside

That try as we might, is too bright to hide

So trust me on this, it’s the truth, there’s no doubt

If there's a Drag Queen in you, don’t resist, let her out!