Candy's Corner - Freedom

“During an absolutely delicious time at Easton Mountain’s Freedom Camp retreat, the Universe blessed me, as it often does, with some words that popped into my head during one of the many wonderful workshops.  It shifted my perception and empowered me to be responsible for my own peace and freedom in this life, moment by moment – It is my honor to share it with you!”






Can we ever really be free?


Free from what?


Free from the past?


Freedom from fear, or self- doubt?


I don't know….


Yet we've searched long for freedom and the peace that goes along with it, with all our heart and all our soul


But the minute we begin our quest for freedom we are faced with the very opposite - another mountain to climb, decision to make or yet another set of bars to escape!


So will we ever be truly free?


Ah, freedom is not a place to get to, it is not a journey or a fight


Freedom is a place to stand, it is the place we start from.  We claim it in the moment


Every time we listen to our hearts and follow our senses - that's freedom


There is nothing to be changed, no war to be fought or lost, no hill to climb, just us and our infinitely creative and powerful minds and spirit


Be still, listen, be responsible for the truth of your heart - Choose freedom!


Scott HarrisComment