Candy's Corner: Frozen Stiff

“Frozen Stiff”

We're making it through winter without too much arctic blast

I think we've got off lightly and I hope that it will last

I'm not a fan of winter, don't like how it feels

It's no good for short dresses and they don't make skis with heels

Dreaming of the summertime is what I'm doing

I've very little interest in hypothermic snowshoeing

Perhaps like me, you're ready, for a break - no doubt!

Easton Mountain has some great retreats, well worth checking out!

Winter Spirit Camp, and Tantra that's bound to get you warm

To Take A Breath, Open The Box - Semi-private or a dorm?

Gay Men of Color & Exploring Conscious Touch

Journeying To Elderhood, with warmth and hugs and such

We've got it all, we really do, so ponder your desire

And take advice from Candy and curl up by Easton's Fire

Click here to find out more darlings!!!

See you all there,

Candy Rapper

Scott HarrisComment