Candy's Corner - Held by Husbands

Inspired by the many wonderful and healing moments, within community, at the Easton Mountain Thanksgiving retreat.   

"Held by Husbands"

Held by husbands

Never knew

If I'd find one

Let alone two

Who then found me

Guess that's the deal

And held me strong

My turn to heal

To think I knew what was in store

Held by two, and then one more

A melted heart, whole body smile

2 hours in a puppy pile

I let you hold "imperfect" me

No makeup and I sang off key

Gratitude, accept, reflect

Forgiveness, humbled, blessed, respect

Thought I knew best, and don't you know

Gave up, gave in and let it go

Now Peace and Love are in plain sight

Reflected in your mirror bright

So thank you, with deepest gratitude

For all the love that you exude

For raising us to dive and dare

Like Dragonflies hanging in the air

Still with hesitance I part

Back to my world, you're in my heart

For now, until we meet again

I bless you all, sweet Easton men!

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