Candy's Corner - Naughty Little Words

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, it happens that Miss Candy Rapper is lost for words!  I wait, I wonder, I search, and.......Nothing! Quite irritating when one is trying to write!!  I'm sure you can agree.

This little ditty popped out while I was attempting to pen a new poem for you boys!




"Naughty Little Words"

Hmm, a poem that is new A poem that is new Can't I use an old one here? I've so much still to do!

Ok, I'll play, I'll sit and wait Until the feeling starts When words will line up at my gate To jump into my heart

They'll swirl around and do their best No regard for what I'm feeling They dance, they tease and taunt and test I'm left with my mind reeling

What once was calm and peace, tranquil Now a crazy, bubbling soup From where I extract, precise, thoughtful Words from this cranial goop

They dance in their melodic play Like children, sweetly grinning With something that they have to say Some story they are spinning

Until they stop, and stand in line And know that they've been heard I'll write so they can sing their song Sweet, naughty, little words

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