Candy's Corner - Sacred Space

As I start to feel the sun on my skin again (Thank You Universe!!), it reminds me of that warm cozy feeling I get when cuddling with a Brother at Easton Mountain.  It feeds my soul and takes me to a magical, peaceful place and reminds me to honor that most wonderful  experience.....The cuddle!  


"Sacred Space"


I’m going to lie down for a while

Will you cuddle with me?

Face to face, soulful smiles

Eyes connected, looking deep


I touch your hair and face

Your hand upon my chest

Marvel at this sacred space

As we touch and stare and rest


Warm hand on my tummy

Penetrates my whole body

Filled with feelings oh so yummy

Safe, secure, adored, carefree


As we lay in comfort, sleepy

Wrapped in arms soft and tight

Without a word you read me

We close our eyes for the night