Candy's Corner - Spring Awakening!

Spring Awakening  

The Winter snow has melted fast

Warmer weather here at last


Easter bunnies hop around

While painted eggs lay on the ground


Petals burst from bud to bloom

Splashing color in nature’s room


Awoke by birds that chirp and sing

In this Spring Awakening


Feeling energy start to rise

Sparkling, through excited eyes


New life and vitality

Filled with love and feeling free


Hopeful for the year ahead

Happy to jump out of bed


To see what each day has in store

It’s all I planned and so much more


Warm weather and warmer greetings

Happy times and friendly meetings


It’s at this time my heart is shoutin

Take me back to Easton Mountain!!!


So if indeed you’ve heard the call

To join us here, and have a ball


“Spring” out of your hibernation

Drive your train into our station


Jump online and have a look

At what’s in-store, don’t wait, just book!


And we’ll be waiting here to see

You, our friend, our family!


Spring Awakening runs from April 29 through May 1, with an option of staying through May 2.  Click here for more information.