Candy's Corner - Sweet 16

Such a gorgeous time at Sweet 16 - Beautiful beings, stories of courage, commitment, generosity & leadership - So inspiring!!  Honored to a be part of this wonderful community - A Big Thank You to Easton Mountain, The Men, and The Mountain!  


Sweet 16

He we are, sweet darling girl

Our favorite mountain in the world

Just 16, you've come so far

Already knowing who you are

There are many words I thought to say

To offer you, on this special day

So let's go back to the beginning

Before makeup, heels, and dresses spinning

The early days baptized your feet

As you stepped out, your first retreat

You took it well, and smiled in jest

When 8 men came, and 7 left!

Not put off by those doubtful chaps

Pulled yourself up by your bra straps

That one man grew from 2 to 10

Now hundreds who return again

And you're a lady, so who's counting...

The men who've scaled your magic mountain?

Led here by your Siren's call

Sweet drop of hope inside us all

Invites our souls to leave their mark

On this crazy, hillside Noah's Ark

This energy that pulses here

Honest, healing, loving, queer

Feeds our heart and gifts within

We shine like rainbow bright sequins

Our deepest wish, that you stay true

As we lay our hopes and dreams on you

And though we'll all come back again

We're cool if you see other men

So sweetie, darling, never fear

We've got your back, each of us here

You've sprung to life from one man's dream

Happy Birthday Sweet 16!!!