Candy's Corner - Take a Breath

OK, this started off as a plug for my upcoming retreat “Take A Breath,” and ended up being the day I realize I am about to step in to something new in my life – It’s scary as hell and I’m going to do it anyway because I long to live a life that is aligned with who I truly am – You know, the singing, dancing, poetic, high heel wearing life coach and retreat leader!  Is there a “you” that longs to be set free?  Won’t you take a breath with me now and remember who you are? 


With deepest love,


Candy Rapper



“Take A Breath”


In the midst of life already

With the new year going steady


Feel like life is flying by

Something has me stop and sigh


Why am I here, what’s this life for?

Will I count, who’s keeping score?


A voice that whispered deep inside

Is so loud now I cannot hide!!!


I’ve been to Easton and I’ve tasted

A glimpse of me that I have wasted


A sadness in my stomach churns

With longing pain and fear that burns


See when I listen to my heart

I think I need a life re-start


And while it’s obvious to see

It scares the bejesus out of me


Disastrous fear-based thoughts of strife

To disrupt my comfy (boring) life


But what is still more horrifying

To live the life that I’ve been lying


Terrified?  I am, and yet

I’m gonna grow a giant set


Putting self-doubt on the shelf

It’s time to believe in myself


I’ve gotta take a chance on me

To truly see what I can be


And yes, maybe I’ll risk a lot

It’s worth it to see what I have got


Who I can be, what I’ll create

I’ve still got time, it’s not too late


I take the deepest breath I can

And live my life from who I am!


Won’t you join me now Take A Breath and remember who you are?


Scott HarrisComment