Candy's Corner - Take Good Care of Your Egg!

On the last night of my very first visit to Easton Mountain, a group of us stood by the bonfire, in a large group hug to bid each other farewell - A hug which ended up lasting over 2 hours!  We stood like penguins, keeping each other warm, every one of us taking a turn to be the precious egg in the middle of the huddle.  If you look closely, in one of the trees, close to the bonfire pit, there hangs a thread with 9 buttons on it in honor of the men that held each other that wonderful, magical night.

 I will always remember you my Penguin Brothers!!



"Take Good Care of Your Egg"

Aww, a blanket of men

With 18 hands

And happy feet

Around me stands

By smokey fires

Like a hippy

And keep me warm

When it gets nippy

Deep inside the penguin pile

Absorbing love, burrow and smile

18 arms and 18 legs

8 men and one happy egg :-)

CommunityScott Harris