Candy's Corner - To The Edge

"To The Edge"

Hello boys I'm here to say
That it's time for a Holiday

We trudged through winter, time to move
Get ourselves In to The Groove

Summer now within plain sight
We start to see a Ray of Light

Awakened, spirits feeling swanky
Join us for some Hanky Panky!

If Winter's left you on the Ledge
Come and dance and play and Edge

Of 17 years, a Celebration
Since sweet Easton's soul creation

Now it's time, come play your part
Invite you to Open Your Heart

Come Cherish this worthy mission
And keep our camp in prime condition

Join us for Edge of 17
Strike a pose, it'll be a scream!

A fountain of love, hearts converging
You'll leave smiling Like A Virgin

Help support Easton Mountain's mission and reserve your spot today



Scott HarrisComment