Candy's Corner: Truth and Light

I tried to find the perfect stuff

To say something that was enough


To usher in this coming year

And promise there’s no need for fear


Some of this year sucked, don’t mind confessing

Still, I can’t help but count my blessings


In gratitude my heart is full

So thankful and I love you all


Now we may be facing quite a struggle

But darling, we’re not just any Muggle!


No, we have power in our hearts

Our minds, our heels, and other parts


We’re healers, leaders, fierce drag queens

Know your strength, let it be seen!


With courage we must show the way

Our words create our world they say


And just to even up the score

Remember we’ve done this before


No stranger to a bully’s cry

Heard it before, we didn’t die


And when bravery isn't what you do

Call on us, we'll shelter you


Look around, what do you see?

Your glistening, bright community 


We're all here to support each other

Lovers, friends, sister, brother


With our mission clear in sight 

We bring our love, our truth, and light


So take my hand and smile, as we walk into 

Our bright future - Hail The New!


Candy (aka Scott Harris) will be leading a weekend retreat on dating, called "Someone For Me," Jan. 19-22.

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