Easton Mountain Sponsors Gay Men of Wisdom

Front cover of Gay Men and the New Way Forward
Front cover of Gay Men and the New Way Forward

Wil Fisher, executive director of Easton Mountain, today announced that Easton Mountain has become the fiscal sponsor for Gay Men of Wisdom, a project created by Raymond Rigoglioso, author of Gay Men and The New Way Forward. Gay Men of Wisdom, which was established in 2012, raises awareness and promotes understanding about gay men’s contributions to humanity. Through fiscal sponsorship, the Internal Revenue Service allows nonprofits to lend their 501c3 status to projects that align with their mission, enabling those projects to raise tax-deductible donations. In exchange for an administrative fee, Easton Mountain will serve as a vehicle to accept charitable donations on behalf of Gay Men of Wisdom. Gay Men of Wisdom will retain all programmatic, fundraising, and marketing responsibilities.

“Ray has persistently and consistently demonstrated his commitment to advancing a bold and inspiring vision for gay men,” said Wil Fisher.  “He has delivered quality programs here at Easton, around the country, and online. This project, and how Ray delivers its programs, complement Easton’s mission. We’re happy to lend our support to help him grow Gay Men of Wisdom.”

Ray Rigoglioso has said, “I started this project out of a desire to understand what makes gay men different, and how those differences contribute to the welfare and vitality of society. Gay Men of Wisdom has grown into a broad-ranging mission. Ultimately, I seek to reawaken the critical roles played by men-who-loved-men in native societies, and invite gay men to recreate those roles in a contemporary context.”

After having run Gay Men of Wisdom for four years as a solo entrepreneur and practitioner, it became clear to Ray that, in order to achieve the kind of impact he sought, the structure of the project would need to change. “I have spent my career in the nonprofit sector, so it should be no surprise that I have, in essence, created a mission-based endeavor,” Ray said. “Fiscal sponsorship will enable me to request support, grow this work, and achieve financial sustainability.”

Donations to Gay Men of Wisdom will support delivery of its programs—Powerful U, the three-month online group; Celebrating Gay Manhood, the weekend program; the Gay Men of Wisdom Center in Provincetown, which provides regular in-person programming; communications efforts, including speaking engagements and social media campaigns that raise awareness about gay men’s gifts to humanity; and the development of new programs. Conceived as a time-limited partnership, Easton’s fiscal sponsorship of Gay Men of Wisdom will support Ray as he launches Gay Men of Wisdom as its own nonprofit 501c3 organization.

To donate to Gay Men of Wisdom, please visit its page on this site.