Flashback Friday - Episode 42: Lee Stern Sings "One World"

For many of those who attend our summer camps, the talent show is one of the most memorable events.  We are fortunate to have many talented professional actors and musicians in our extended community, and when they perform as part of our talent show, their work is not soon forgotten. Much of the work they perform is copyrighted material, and thus we can't post it in videos on the blog.  However, there have been some performances of folk songs in public domain and original songs.  In 2010, Lee Stern sang "One World," by Sunfire.  Joe Della Penna provided an accompaniment that expanded on Sunfire's original score.  Later, Sunfire added video from around Easton mountain, as well as from Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

This fall, Freddy Freeman will be working with gay and lesbian young adults in a program called Easton Mountain Music Academy.  Some of the music they create will certainly end up on this blog.