Flashback Friday – Episode 48, Reusing The Domes

In September of last year, we reported how the two domes, the canvas covered aluminum framework that served as housing through 2006, were replaced by the Garden Cabin. At a work weekend shortly after the Garden Cabin was finished, we took on the task of removing the domes and salvaging what was usable.

The canvas with its plastic windows was discarded. The aluminum frames were unbolted from the platform on which they sat, and then a group of us picked the dome up and carried it off the platform.


The platform itself was disassembled and the plywood decking became skirting around the foundation of some of the staff cabins where it is still in use today..

 One of the domes found a resting place for several years near where our present pool is installed. The other was partially disassembled and reassembled in the garden of the high meadow, where it still serves as a grape arbor and sometimes a setting for a photo shoot.

In 2012 about a third of the other dome was removed to allow it to be covered by a tarps. Firmly attached to a new platform, it became the shell of an amphitheater that was used that year for the concert weekend called Out in the Woods. It was used again for Out in the Woods in 2013, and it remains in place as a space for outdoor performances.