Flashback Friday - Episode 60, Scarecrows

On the Saturday morning of Harvest Spirit Camp, 2014, we had a craft workshop.  The men who participated made scarecrows by painting Styrofoam heads. then attaching them to poles, each with an already prepared body created by stuffing an old shirt with straw.  The last step was putting clothing on them from the drag salon.

Standing scarcrow with painted hair, a sparkling dress and a black feather boa.
Sitting scarecrow with a pink wig and a blue dress
Standing scarcrow with a ow in her braided blod hair and a shaggy dress.
Bald scarecrow with a long nexk, a spiked headdress and a shaggy outfit.
Scarecrow with blond hair, a pick hat and juper over a metalic shirt.
A scarecrow with a red and silver shawl over her head.
A scarcrow with a shite plumed cap and white featers on her dress

These scarecrows decorated the Temple for a music performance and a dance - both part of Harvest Spirit Camp.

Our camp-format programs usually include arts and crafts workshops.  The 2016 Harvest Spirit Camp this year includes a workshop for making "a fabulous glittery blinged out pumpkin" - sure to be fun and get your creative juices flowing.

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