Flashback Friday - Episode 64, Pumpkin Pie

It was the Halloween weekend, 2010, and our kitchen manager wanted to participate in the workshop that weekend.  Sunfire agreed to be the chef that weekend - and, of course what was the obvious choice for the menu?  Pumpkin pie!

Slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream

So he put canned pumpkin on the shopping list.

But the kitchen manager returned from shopping to announce that there were no cans of pumpkin in the grocery. Sunfire looked around and found there were four not very big pumpkins in our holiday decorations.  He grabbed them and took them to the kitchen.  

Next he consulted The Joy of Cooking, which was the most used cookbook at Easton Mountain until it fell apart about four years later,  (Sunfire still has most of the pages in his office,)

It was necessary to cut the pumpkins in half, remove the seeds, place them cut side down on a cookie sheet, and roast them in the oven for about an hour.  They were allowed to cool overnight.

Early the next morning, Sunfire scooped out the pulp from the pumpkins, mixed it with the other ingredients, and filled unbaked pie shells with the mixture.  By three in the afternoon he had five pies cooling for that night's dinner.  

Halloween has, in the past, sometimes been a big celebration at Easton Mountain - but now our fall celebration has moved to November and is called Harvest Spirit Camp.  It's November 18-20 this year, and there is still space available.