Flashback Friday - Episode 65, Pat Berry's Tree House

Easton Mountain had not yet been open for a full year when Pat Berry, a physical therapist from Boston, announced that he was building a tree house

One view of treehouse

He completed the work, with some assistance, in a weekend, and it's still there just off the path toward the southern tip of the property.  

Treehouse and ladder

Recently, we've had to mark the ladder going up the to the treehouse as "unsafe"; it looks like one of the limbs supporting the treehouse may be dead.In addition to building the treehouse. 

Ladder with warning sign

Pat was always someone willing to work, especially on roofs, ceilings and other high places.  He provided valuable help in the early days of Easton Mountain.

Three days ago, we received word that Pat had died.  As we sat in circle, those who knew him recalled him as someone who was always smiling - and his smiling spirit will remain with us at Easton Mountain.