Flashback Friday - Episode 66, The 2007 Kitchen Redo

Early in March of 2007, a sign on the kitchen door alerted those who were not in the know that a kitchen remodeling was about to get underway.

Sign announcing Kitchen Renovation

Because this involved new tile over the entire floor, everything from the kitchen ended up in the dining room and sun porch.

Kitchen equipment filling the dining room

Here's a picture of the work in progress.

Starting to remodle

There are some things that have changed since that time. Note the electric stove next to the gas stove, the wooden prep table in the middle of the kitchen, and the door at the west end, which led to a porch that was later closed in to make the dry storage area. The door was replaced with a window at the time that our dishwasher was replaced.

Here's the floor completely cleared and ready for the tile, which was a tan ceramic, like that found in our downstairs bathrooms and spa area.

Bare floor

That tile, placed over plywood, cracked easily and was replaced a few years later.

The kitchen is the area of Easton Mountain that has evolved and changed more than any other area. If you are a member or friend who has contributed funds to make the change possible, we thank you.

We are planning another renovation soon that will move the south wall out into what is npw the south porch. Watch this blog for details.