Flashback Friday - Episode 69, The Yurt

In 2012 men were asking, "What is that interesting new building? That was the year that Moss Tidd constructed a new meeting space at Easton - a twenty-foot diameter yurt with a domed roof, skylights and large, screened windows.

A yurt is a round, Turkish or Mongolian portable living structure (also called a "ger"). Nomads live in them, then fold them up and move to greener pastures for their yak herds. The modern interpretation that Moss built is a far cry from the lattice-work, stick and yak wool felt structures of Asia. The walls are cabinet grade plywood on a galvanized steel pipe frame. The roof is reinforced vinyl with high-tech bubble insulation. The openable windows and central skylight create good ventilation. Here are two pictures from 2012, the year the yurt was constructed.

Exterior of the yurt
Interior of the yurt

The yurt serves us as a third meeting space (after the Great Room and Temple). It is perfect for small groups to meet in an intimate setting. It has electricity, a wood stove and a lovely wool rug. Many men have said that small-group sessions are among the most meaningful experiences they have had at Easton Mountain - and many of these were in the yurt.

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