Flashback Friday, Episode 70, On the Ice at "Hail the New" 2010

This morning, as "Hail the New" started its second full day, we posted on Facebook a brief video shot minutes before.  It showed Pathfinder skating with his new canine friend Mato on the pond at Eaton Mountain.  It was snowing, so the video wasn't clear.  What was clear is that Mato was having the time of his life.

Here's a clearer picture of Pathfinder skating, taken in 2011.

Jpnathan Skating

It reminded us of a time during "Hail the New" 2010, when Pathfinder had cleared the Ice, another skater took advantage of this, and then several men who had been massaging each other in The Temple, came out to horse around on the ice in their boots and -- well, you'll see at the end of this video.