Flashback Friday - Episode 71, A Drawing Session at HAIL THE NEW 2015

The following description appeared in the list of workshops for Hail the New 2015:

Drawing from the Imagination
William Blake, the nineteenth century visionary artist, believed that freedom and equality were discovered through the expression of an individual’s own “peculiar Light.“ Blake called this the “Jerusalem in every Man.”  This workshop will help you discover the ”peculiar Light” within yourself and manifest it in a pencil drawing. We will begin with a simple exercise to sense the pencil as a tool of expression.  We will then move to a meditation to deepen our connection with our inner Light, and then express that connection with pencil on drawing paper. No previous art experience is needed. Even if you think you can’t draw, come and be amazed by what you will discover within yourself.

While the description specified pencil, the choice of media was extended to include oil pastels. The session was done in the Sunroom. Even though there was snow outside, one of the participants was warm enough to take off his shirt.

Two men drawing

Here are some of the results from the workshop.

Abstract drawing with grey, red and green
Abstract drawing with grey,rpurple and blue
Abstract drawing of wavy forms in blue and red.
Abstract drawing on a cylindar.

During camp-style retreats in warmer weather, drawing and painting are frequent activities in the Pavilion of Imagination. Camps when the Pavilion will be open include Summer Splash Weekend, June 23-25; Gay Freedom Camp, June 30 through July 4; Gay Spirit Camp, July 31 through August 6; Bear Your Soul Summer Camp, Aug. 18-20; and Camp Nehirim, Aug 23-27.