Flashback Friday - Episode 76, A Dinner Cruise

Summer is the hardest season for residents and volunteers at Easton Mountain, with our operations going 24/7 and sometimes less than twenty-four hours between the time one retreat ends and the next begins.

At the end of the summer of 2010, Easton Mountain was able to reward the staff and those volunteers who had worked for the full summer with a dinner cruise on Lake George aboard the Lac du Saint Sacrement,

Steam shipon Lake George
Food served on the ship

Here are some pictures from that evening.

Men on board ship
General manager Dennisandfriend
Harry with young vounteer
John Stasio and Hunter Reynolds

Of course the biggest reward we all received was the satisfaction of knowing that we have given hope, fun, and a new sense of purpose to the many men who had been part of that summer's programs.  

If you have time this summer or on weekends throughout the year,  consider volunteering at Easton Mountain, We can't guarantee a dinner cruise.  We do guarantee the satisfaction that comes from helping men discover and rediscover the transformative power of Easton.