Flashback Friday - Episode 78, Redoing the Great Room

In late winter of 2007, when we had a break in retreats, we took on the task of redoing the Great Room, the largest room of the establishment. We started with painting and general cleaning. Then the floor was sanded and finished with several coats of a shiny finish. Here's the room being painted.

Workers in the Great Room

And just how shiny the floor became can be seen in this picture taken during the next retreat held after completing the Great Room renovation.

Men seated in the great room showing a shiney floor

We are now in the process of expanding and renovating our kitchen, and are in the final week of a campaign to finance that renovation.  Most men who think of Easton Mountain as their second home realize that their second home needs care just like their primary home. Some care by giving money. Some care by volunteering for Community Building weekends or longer stays with us as a volunteer. Together, we make Easton Mountain a comfortable second home for everyone.