Flashback Friday - Episode 81, Name Beads

Name necklace being worn

Necklaces that show the wearer's name have been used around Easton Mountain for many years. At first they were simple. Between mealtimes, beads with letters of the alphabet were put out on a table in the dining room, and men made necklaces with their names. Sometimes they made necklaces for friends.

Sunfire knew a woman on Long Island with a garage full of beads. He used his Jeep to help her move a small refrigerator and in return received four containers, each about a quart in size, of assorted beads.

The next summer, Hunter Reynolds set up a table under an evergreen tree in the high meadow.

There a men would make a string of beads for himself and another to hang on the tree.

One man used extra beads with words to show his feelings about himself and the world

Necklace with beeds that have words on them

When the Pavilion of Imagination opened, in 2015, beading moved to that facility. It will be open for beading, along with other art and craft projects, during Summer Splash, Gay Freedom Camp, Gay Spirit Camp, and other summer programs with the a camp format.

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