Flashback Friday - Episode 83, Sunfire Recalls Building the Healing Cabin

In the spring of 2014 John Stasio agreed that I could come to Easton Mountain to offer healing sessions, with the same arrangement that Tim Cooley was, and still is, doing massage sessions.  I came up to each of the camps that summer and I did my first healing session at Easton Mountain in John's cabin.

It became apparent to me that if I was to continue to do healing work at Easton Mountain, I needed a dedicated place to do it.  After some negotiation with Easton Mountain's Board, it was agreed that I would build two cabins, one for my use while at Easton Mountain as a volunteer and one to be used by me for energy healing and by others for massage, Reiki and other one-on-one sessions.  John arranged with a man who had much more experience as a carpenter than I have to do most of the work of building the cabins.

Exterior of the Healing Cabin

Work started in the spring of 2015. Shortly after Memorial Day, I moved into my not-yet-winterized cabin, while work continued on the Healing Cabin.  I had hoped to have it ready for Gay Freedom Camp, but delays kept it from being finished until mid August.

That fall I went to England and Scotland, and when I returned I started to use the Healing Cabin as my residence while my own cabin was winterized.  I didn't move back to my cabin until the spring of 2016.  At that time I covered the interior wood of the Healing Cabin with shellac, as this is easier on the environment than varnish or polyurethane.

I brought various items from where I had been living to enhance the heaing atmosphere of the cabin.

Small nested bells

The bells came from my mother.

Statuette of Kwan Yin

The small statue of Kwan Yin is one of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, made by the Chinese both for their use and for the tourist trade.  This one had been given by my father to my mother about the time I was born   I don't know if he bought it in China or in Chinatown - it could have been either as, for all of his adult life, he rightly described himself as a "world traveler".

Altar with pictures

The enameled bowl, here shown with oranges in it. was a gift to me from one of the teachers of the Inner Focus School, where I earned my certification as an energy healer.  The three pictures behind it reflect my Universalist spirituality by showing, left to right, Jesus with an angel, a nature spirit, and Krishna,

In recent years, I've moved away from individual healing sessions to doing group healing work, but I feel a calling to go back to individual work again. If you would like to know more about the healing work I do, give me a call at Easton Mountain.  My number here is 518-692-8023 extension 216.