Flashback Friday - Episode 86, Reflections on the Early Days at Easton Mountain

by Moss Tidd

Photo of Moss

I first started coming to Easton Mountain in 2003. That was after two years where many volunteers helped clean up and restore the derelict buildings and grounds.  There were two geodesic domes with bunk beds as an inexpensive way to house more people. The frames of the domes still exist as a garden trellis and a performance stage cover. My memory of staying in the domes was about freezing at night and sweating on sunny days. They were not a great choice for living space.

In the early days there was lots of work to be done to create more and better infrastructure and never enough money to pay for it. I was caught up in the challenge to help Easton be more attractive and inviting. At one anniversary dinner, I got carried away and offered to donate and build a sauna. It turned out to be a bigger project than expected, but it gave me a chance to live at Easton for nine weeks.

Exterior Of Sauna

I really got to know the community and came to understand how Easton could help me grow in my development as a gay man to be a better human on this planet.

In the years that followed, I built more buildings and structures. Some of my metal sculptures are around the property, and I have attended many, many workshops on all sorts of topics. I am forever grateful for having Easton as my “other family”….a place where I can connect with gay friends, new and old, and continue to contribute to the spirit of what goes on here.

Moss will be here for Gay Freedom Camp with his standard workshops: body painting, mud pit ad slippy slide, - and perhaps helping with the bonfire.