Introducing Alfred DePew - author of ODALESQUE


Alfred DePew is an author, professor, life coach, and spiritual director .

His book, Odalesque, was published in 2018.

Here's how book sellers are describing the book:

Therese is a fiercely independent prostitute of mixed race. Through her eyes, we witness the birth of modern Quebec in the heady days of Les Automatistes and their Refus global after World War II. Both participant and keen observer, she records her intimate relationships with clergy, trade-unionists, fellow sex workers, and artists. As she grows from orphan to apprentice to sage, we behold the evolution of an artist and a soul. 

Here's an excerpt from the book: 

The first time we’re alone together is at dawn, by a lake. The musky smell of mud between the water’s edge and grass. We arrive at the same time. We do not speak. My feet are bare. The dew is almost cold. I take off my clothes, fold them on a dry rock, and enter the water swiftly. It takes a moment before I reach the depth I want. I turn back and you are not yet out of your trousers, hopping on one foot. I want to laugh at you but decide to hold the silence, which is huge all around us. You enter the water at a run, splashing, waving your arms for balance, then dive and skim along the surface, making a graceful wake. We swim and keep swimming until we reach the roots and rocks on the other side and then turn back, return, hand over hand, in rhythm, to the first shore. We half walk, half crawl back out of the water and dress in silence, turned away from one another. We part and don’t see each other again until breakfast an hour later. 

We’ve come away with the Bishop. Well, I have come away with him. You have driven us to the house he’s borrowed on a lake in the Laurentians above Baie-St-Paul. He likes you. He trusts you. He seems to be bringing you along, preparing you to one day be the Bishop. He is fatherly toward us both, attending to my education, helping you along with your career, your vocation. And here we are together in roles that are indistinct, enjoying a kind of democracy this weekend. You are both driver and colleague. I am both mistress and daughter. Between the three of us there seems to be a great open friendship that is nonetheless full of secrets. We make no reference to the fact that the Bishop and I are sleeping together, nor do we (you and I) acknowledge what we both already know—that we will, in fact, become lovers. It is the first time we have seen each other naked. We have not yet touched. The innocence of this excites us both.

Alfred will be leading a workshop at Gay Freedom Camp (July 3-7) with a title of "Toward Creating a Sustainable Writing Practice."

Our Thanks to Alfred DePew for allowing us to reproduce the excerpt from his book.

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