Jason Tantra Talks About Sex

Do you remember your first sexual experiences? Typically peoples first experience feels like a fumble, disappointing and it didn’t flow or go quite right. Quite common is that it can feel like a disaster.

You see when we are in our sex we are at our most vulnerable. We lose control, sometimes we can lose ourselves in our sex. When I talk to people about their sex it can feel quite difficult to logically talk about it. This is because when you are in the act of sex, it feels like the other part of you takes over. I often hear people say that they had the best sex when they were the most relaxed. When they didn’t feel that they had anything to prove, but were feeling relaxed and were quite happy to be out of control, out of their minds.

In Tantra I teach people to return to their bodies. To release themselves from sometimes the prison of their minds and back into their bodies where they can re-learn to flow freely, to float, to be free.

That is why Sex is such an important part of Tantra. Our orgasm is one of the only physiological reactions of our bodies that we can’t possibly be in our heads to experience. The more consciousness we bring to our orgasmic sense, our orgasmic self, the more we integrate different tantric techniques to pro-long that Orgasmic sensation, the more ecstasy it brings to our day to day life. The more of our lives we spend in an orgasmic state, the brain builds neurological pathways of all of our experiences. The more of those that equate to happiness, to bliss, to release, to freedom, the more the brain and the rest of the body seeks to repeat those sensations. 

Jason and his husband Ingo will be hosting the Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival, August 8-13, 2017, at Easton Mountain.