Letting Go of Fear

by David Phillips

Photo of David Phillips

I can remember the days where I walked around in constant fear but would never tell anyone. As I walked down the street, I was afraid that every man I passed knew I was gay and hated me for it.

So how did I change my fear of straight men and create a more constructive pattern? I discovered Core Energetics at Easton Mountain and began working with a Core Energetics Practitioner. I then enrolled to study this transformational healing process. Along the way, I admitted my fear and began to face it. It was a journey but one well worth taking.

I learned that, like other emotions, fear and its effects can be felt in the body. It can be expressed as tension in the body, appearing as muscle blocks. These blocks can be deep. However, these blocks don't just occur on the physical level, but also on the energetic level. Fear can prevent a free flow of energy.

In the study of Core Energetics there is a series of spiritual lectures called the Pathworks. In lecture 168 the guide states, “You get fear out of your system by recognizing what is behind it and where you hold on in a cramped state, and by letting go of the cramp. Meet the fear head on instead of evading it. Fear is maintained when it is not faced. When you face fear, you can recognize, experience, and alter it according to reality and a more constructive pattern of life.”

Today some of my closest friends are actually straight guys. Two of the most important straight me who taught me to love me for me (a gay man) were Doug and Tony. These guys completely love and accept me just as I am; something I had to learn to do myself.

David and his two friends

David and his two friends

Three years ago, I was visiting Tony in Washington DC and he invited me to face another fear – to come out to my Dad. I was scared as I picked up the phone. At the end of the call, there was such a sense of relief when My Dad had said he had known for a really long time and there was nothing more than he wanted then to have a relationship with his boy.

David and his father

David and his father

Today, I am excited and privileged to bring this amazing work to Cleveland, Ohio, through my private practice - and to bring it to Easton Mountain at the April 20-23 retreat, Living Life Fully.