On Our Kitchen Door

Kitchen doorwith posted notes
Kitchen doorwith posted notes

If you've been to Easton Mountain this year you know the marvelous change that has happened since Penny, our new Kitchen Director, took over supervising the food that we of the community eat and that is served to our extended community and guests. Recently she posted, on the door to the kitchen, something about the philosophy that guides her cooking and facilitation during Eat EM, the recent retreat that focused on food, .

Her comments deserve a wider audience, so we're sharing them with you on this blog.

Notes on a Kitchen

Eat EM 2016

  • The Kitchen at EM is one of the critical links between the Land & the people who live & visit here. This is where we process the gifts of the Land to take into our bodies - in communion with the planet and SACRED.
  • Cooking is a folk art, forged in home Kitchens around the world since the dawn of human memory. Cooking belongs to all of us.
  • A Kitchen can foster relationships & build community. By inviting our community members to participate in the work of feeding each other, we strengthen their relationships to EM and each other.
  • Delicious, beautiful, bountiful meals feed more than the body; they make people feel cared for. They are foundations for conviviality. They fuel deeper, bolder, livelier, conversations.
  • We are what we eat. Conscious eating is part of how we heal our relationships to our bodies.
  • We of the EM community have a vast range of dietary NEEDS. Folks who are living with HIV, our growing circle of elders, and others who are food insecure in their day-to-day lives, and others among us who, for many reasons, have profound need for nourishing food prepared with CARE & ATTENTION.
  • Creating food systems that as much as possible rely on our own land & the land & work of nearby, like-minded FARMERS is more sustainable than the mainstream system that relies on unhealthy processed foods, factory farms, pesticides & other poisons, animal cruelty, and unjust labor practices, including abuse of migrant workers. We have an opportunity to invest in practices that heal the planet, protect biodiversity, and ensure delicious for GENERATIONS TO COME: practices such as bee keeping and small scale organic farming.
  • Pursuing a Kitchen conscious of environmental sustainability is the responsible thing to do. The planet suffers from massive industrialized over-consumption. By responsibly sourcing our community's food, EM participates in & models an appropriate response to catastrophic climate change.



If you have an interest in volunteering in our kitchen or in working in our garden, check out the page on volunteering on this website. The May Community Building Weekend (May 13-15) and the June ones (June 3-5 and June 17-19) will be good times for working in the garden, but help is always welcome, any time from now through the middle of the fall.