Renewing Our Vision

On November 9-10, the residents and long-term volunteers met for a retreat guided by Jim Lopata.  We began by sharing feelings about the election (see our previous post, "The Easton Mountain Community Responds to the Election")..  We agreed that the LGBTQ community needed Easton Mountain now more than ever.

We reviewed our Mission Statement and Values.  Then we answered some searching questions that Jim had given us - with some answers written on post-it notes so everyone could review them.

Post-it Notes on Wall

We discussed, shared, meditated, questioned; and, at the end of the day, we were invited to each write or draw our vision for Easton Mountain five years from now - posting it on the wall before the next morning's session.  Here's some of what appeared.

Hand=drawn map of Eastonwith notes
Drawing i f Easton with signs - Our Solar Powered Hot Water Heater - Home Sweet Home 0 Save Water Shower with a Friend - Welcome to ur Orchard, Enjoy our Garden 0 Have some carrots
Drawing and Writing showing Easton Cabins and note All Easton Community suupporting the building of sustainably earth friendly living
A ven diagram
Sketh of solar and wind power with notesL 100% Rebewabke Ebergy Fiid Security

On the next day we spoke of specific intentions we had for furthering our service to Easton Mountain.  We left feeling that we not only understood our mission better, but understood each other better as well.  Here's a photo of all of us taken on the second day of the retreat.  Jim Lopata, the retreat leader, is the man in the plaid shirt on the lower right/

You can help Easton Mountain become all that it can be by making a donation and/or by volunteering.