The Power of Touch, Music, and Connection

A Message from Arnie Katz

Photo of Arnie Katz

Dear Friends,

I just got back from facilitating at a wonderful Winter Spirit Camp at Easton where I had the privilege of leading three workshops—one on intimacy and touch, one on claiming our power, and one on the healing power of music.  While each workshop had a different theme, they all tied together.

What I noticed is how beautifully people bonded and broke down barriers of being “strangers” through sharing massage and touch. This included people of many different body types, ages, and backgrounds.  People touched each other and expressed great caring and tenderness for each other. Often, these were between massage partners who did not know each other well.  It gives me hope for the possibilities for humanity if we open our hearts to one another and suspend our fear and discomfort, and be willing to see our shared humanity.

Hands on bare back

What I noticed in the “Claiming Our Power” workshop is how much people wanted to talk about and share their fears, their concerns and their anxieties about the current political climate….so much so that I had to put aside part of my planned agenda just to give people the space to share and process.  It was clear that we could have sat and talked for hours!  Clearly, people are hungry to connect…I noticed how people were able to derive strength and support from sharing their concerns and not feeling as alone.

In the “Listen To The Music” workshop, we listened to a variety of musical genres and talked about our experiences.  It was my premise that music is a universal language and a way for us to connect that goes beyond any sense of difference of separation that we may experience and brings us together in our common humanity.  I was surprised by the depth of emotion and memory that some of the songs brought up for people.    There were tears, people got choked up, there was laughter, and there was knowing recognition.

It was yet again another reminder of our human need for touch, for connection, and for sharing, and to know that we are not alone in our experiences.  It is a reminder of how isolation can breed greater anxiety and fear.  People seized the opportunity to be vulnerable and to open up and take risks with their sharing.  There was laughter, tears, and lots of compassion for each other in all three workshops. And kindness for one another. Yes kindness. 

Again, it was a privilege to be there and hold space for people to experience healing and positive shifts. Thank you!

Arnie Katz

Arnie Katz is a facilitator, certified personal coach and bodyworker in Boston.  He has been teaching at Easton for two years and in private practice for over 30 years. His next full workshop, Exploring Conscious Touch, is a touch immersion experience designed to promote healing, relaxation and growth, and to build connection and greater awareness. It will be held Thursday, March 30, 2017 through Sunday, April 2, 2017.