Three Tips from Jason Tantra for Explosive Orgasms!

If you said to anyone “would you like to have better and more explosive orgasms” I think the 100% answer would be “Hell yea!” – so here are my tips for you to experience explosive orgasms.

Tip 1: Breath – I know you are going to say “duh!” we all have to breath to live, but what I mean here is what I call “connected breathing”. Bringing your mind to where your breath is. In my opinion the most effective meditation in the whole of Tantra is just to focus on the breath … from there magic can happen …. Stay with me here …..

Tip 2: Sound – This tip is about making sound, yes you can move it to screaming orgasms later, but here I want you to practice letting your jaw drop and making an “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh” sound. One of the meditative exercises that I practice is to stand naked, and then to slowly start to ever so gently caress your body, with your fingertips, and to express the sensation in your body with an “aaaaahhhhhhh” sound. So that however it feels you are expressing it with an “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” sound. With practice this meditative practice can have the experiences of orgasm shooting through your body even before you’ve started to touch your genitals.

What you should notice in doing this is that your experience is amplified.  Just the simple act of making sound makes the experience bigger. As you become more excited you’ll notice the “aaaaahhhhhhssss” turn into more grunts of excitement.  

Tip 3: Move – the next part to amplify your orgasm is to move your body with the experience. Gently moving your hips. Allow your body to move as you stimulate yourself. As you breathe, make sound, and move your body to express the sensations in your body, you will notice that the experience is much greater. As you caress yourself, as you stroke yourself, allow your body to move with the experience, focus on the breath and the sound – Magic! You’ll be on your way to heaven in no time.

Play with these basics whether on your own, or during sex. What you’ll notice is that feeling of expanded orgasm.


Watch for two more tips from Jason next week.

Jason and his husband Ingo will be hosting the Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival, August 8-13, 2017, at Easton Mountain.