Two More Tips for Explosive Orgasms

Thirteen days ago we published, "Three Tips from Jason Tantra for Explosive Orgasms!" Here are two more tips from Jason.

Man in orgasm

Tip 4: Focus Attention – so as you are stimulating yourself, pay attention to where the sensations are in your body, and join the sensation. Don’t be an observer to your experience but instead allow yourself to really meet the sensations in your body. Bring to your awareness how you cock feels as you stroke it, how your breath is, how all the different sensations are in your body. Whatever your experience, stay with the sensation. What you will notice is that you have much more conscious memories of your experience.

Tip 5: Play & Delay – Statistically men ejaculate within fifteen mins of sexual play whether with themselves or with others. My joke (I apologize in advance) is that number is derived by two hours for gay men and two mins for hetero men ….. hahahahaha …. I’m sorry. Ok, but my point here is to delay or don’t ejaculate …. Maybe change your mindset from ‘getting it over with’ to having a play session. Allow yourself to explore your physical body, to explore your nipples, your buttocks. How does it feel to stroke your cock and play with your nipples at the same time as using the techniques I’ve listed above?  Maybe consider stroking the bud of your anus at the same time, or stroke your inner thighs. But above all allow your time to “Play & Delay”.

You might choose to cum, you might choose to not. If you choose not to, what you will find is that you feel more energized in your day, and with continued practice of raising sexual energy and not ejaculating, you’ll notice that you feel lighter in mood, more alive, and happier because you have more energy.

Ok, so these are my Five Top Tips for Explosive Orgasm, have fun with them and try them out.

Jason and his husband Ingo will be hosting the Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival, August 8-13, 2017, at Easton Mountain.