A season for every purpose

58354_434167886623_5494790_nIn May we celebrate our anniversary and we begin the “new season” at Easton Mountain. The trees turn from bare sticks to a rich lush landscape of  green. New folks arrive and some folks leave. Spring on the mountain is a season when change is in the air. Pete Seger wrote; " turn,turn, turn….there is a season for every purpose under heaven." Our mission at EM is holistic; in other words committed to every purpose under heaven. There is is a time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to make a mess and a time to clean up. A time to say good bye and a time to say hello. A time to give thanks and a time to be brutally honest about what no longer works….and hopefully a time clean up our act.

Community is a complex, challenging and wonderfully rich spiritual practice but it is not easy. At Easton we are celebrating what we do well and addressing what we don’t do so well. As some of you know the spring of 2014 has brought a fair bit of change to our community.

We are striving to embrace these changes. We are incredibly grateful for the contributions people make while they are here and we know that life calls us all to new opportunities. Hunter and Nomi have left the resident community. Each worked hard and shared their gifts with us while they were here and we wish them well in their new endeavors. New folks have joined us and some will join us soon. Mike Dolson and Dwayne Fernandes are here and enriching the life of the community. We are all happy to have them both.

James Lopata has been working with the residents at Easton to help us all balance our commitment to the mission and our personal needs. His skillful guidance has been a gift and we ask you all to hold us in prayers, blessings and positive light as we strive to grow individually, as community and remain in service to others.

Humbly in community,

John Stasio Founder