Exploring Amore! with Don Shewey

homeImgExploring Amore! by Don Shewey

It’s been a brutal winter here in the Northeast. Now that spring is officially here (on the calendar, anyway!) it’s starting to thaw a little bit and people are beginning to think about leaving their houses, I want to make sure you know about the workshop that I’m facilitating at Easton Mountain Retreat next month. It’s called “THAT’S AMORE! Creative Rituals for Intimacy and Connection,” and it takes place April 24-27. In this weekend retreat for gay men, I will be offering instruction and practice in creating ritual space and devising simple, elegant, and fun ceremonies meant to foster closeness and sharing. In the course of the weekend, we will explore a variety of rituals involving verbal communication, physical touch, and creative arts (using music, words, movement, photography, meditation, food, and the natural environment). The workshop is the evolutionary product of my private therapy practice -- offering sex and intimacy coaching to individuals and couples -- and “Authentic Eros,” the workshop I taught for many years with my friend Kai Ehrhardt. It’s especially designed for the benefit of two kinds of people:

  • Partnered guys in long, loving relationships whose physical/erotic/emotional intimacy has gone somewhat dormant and wants to wake up;  and
  • Single guys who really want to be in a relationship but can’t seem to get past the second date and want to discover some new ways to build intimacy and connection over time.

GayKissIt’s my intention for each participant to leave with not only tools for connecting more deeply with other men but also a greater appreciation for yourself as a lover. The cost of the workshop is $495-695 depending on accommodations. For more information and registration, click here. And make sure to check out the little video I made talking about THAT’S AMORE:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. All best wishes, Don Shewey http://bodyandsoulwork.com 917-848-5965