Are Our Erotic Lives Separate From Our Spiritual Lives?


Easton Mountain is dedicated to integrating body, mind and spirit. Very often we separate these things and consider them mutually exclusive. We talked to Facilitator David Dunn Bauer about how he integrates these aspects of life. David is known for doing work that honors our erotic and spiritual lives and sees them as parts of a whole that need to be nurtured and cared for equally."I started doing this work because I had always been a very religious person by nature and a very erotically aware person, too. But my experience of religion had helped lead me to reject my erotic side. Not just my gay sexuality, but the whole life of my body. somehow I thought God wanted me to turn away from them. What I knew of religious traditions and what I had absorbed of the Puritanism that permeates American society said "Don't be who you are, don't desire what you desire, and be ashamed of enjoying sensation." Through a range of spiritual explorations, including six years of formal rabbinical training, I realized that my body was a powerful channel of access to the Divine. By knowing my erotic self better, by embracing what my body had to tell me, I didn't get further from God, I got closer. In my work teaching erotic massage and my practice as a touch healer and sacred intimate, I found that we all have a profound capacity for blessing and awareness of God that derives from candid mindfulness of bodily experience. It's not the only way to get closer to God, but it is unique and irreplaceable. We can bless God better through our awareness of our bodies and we can rejoice in our bodies better by inviting God -- out loud -- into everything we feel. I take religion seriously. I take sexuality and erotic exploration seriously. I take fun seriously. This work is healing. It lessens our panic about aging and the reality of being human. It gives a new resonance to our love-making and our exercise. We move through our dissatisfaction and judgments about how we look by finding the blessings in what we feel"

You can experience David's work for yourself. He is bringing his unique workshop : “Finding God Through Your Body” to Easton Mountain April 16-19.

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