Are you a friend of Dorothy? ..... Dorothy Day ?

“Are you a friend of Dorothy?” one might hear a closeted homosexual ask another man forty or fifty years ago. Referring of course to the girl from Kansas who ventured to the land of Oz. That question was code at a very homophobic time.


On this day in 1980 another Dorothy clicked her heels for the last time and went home. Miss Day had a vision of another Emerald city, the city of God, where it was easy for men and women to be good. Where gospel values were practiced. The naked clothed, hungry fed, and lonely comforted. In her life she spoke truth to power, resisted violence and war for any reason and prescribed the works of mercy as a means to purify the soul. She knew a "long loneliness" and learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community. Her portrait hangs on the wall at Easton Mountain and although most of our visitors may not know who she was, and might find some of her ideas objectionable, the fact is that her example of unrelenting commitment to human dignity is an essential part of our mission. On this day we pray for her intercession, guidance and proudly declare ourselves “friends of Dorothy!"



Wikipedia entry on: DOROTHY DAY 


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