Arts in The Woods Thank you! We did it!

Dear Friends, Thank you to every one who donated so generously to Arts in The Woods. We could not have done this with out you! We did it!

Its been two weeks since all of you amazing young people came to Easton Mountain and took a risk to come on busses and vans to attend Arts in The Woods at an unknown place in the mountains of upstate New York. You all showed such courage, strength, love and hope. All of our lives have been transformed and changed forever by our experience together. I was amazed at how quickly everyone was able to open their hearts and share your stories of pain, survival and lives with us all and open yourselves to creativity. I was astounded at how all of you made art, music, theater, and dance, and it was amazing to whiteness. I know you all are back in difficulties of your day-to-day struggles and I hope you all were able to take away some new tools to help you get through life, with a new awareness of your strengths and with new possibilities to shape your futures. We will all be able to stay in touch on our Face Book Page and I will keep everyone informed about what's going to happen next. We are planning a winter camp I will let you know the details in a soon.

Thank You!

To all of the teachers who came and offered you skills and talents many of you did not know each other and we all coming together on the day of arrival. You all stepped into your rolls and helped the young people explode with creativity, developing individual and group projects. I want to thank Gregg Cassin for so skillfully bringing together the campers in the beautiful circles that allowed everyone to process issues and feelings with such skill, awareness and beauty. To Darren Chase and Akane for so skillfully supporting in the campers in their self-awareness and helping them process their experiences at Arts in The Woods.

It was a joy for me to walk from various workshops and see everyone working so beautifully? Thank you to Ross Bleckner for your support of the program and your wisdom. To Maia Cruz, thank you for helping support Ross and for creating such beauty in your print making workshops. To Ethan Shoshan and Quito Ziegler for making the Art Tent an amazing space for the campers to make fashion and costumes. To Freddy Freeman and Feathers for creating a Safe Place for music to be made. To Wil Fisher and Allison Moon for making theater fun and accessible to the campers. To Run Shayo and Brian Simerson for binging dance/movement and performance art to the campers. Run, thank you for your sensitive and skillful documentation of the camp. To Tim Colley and Puck for offering the healing art of yoga to the campers every morning!

I want to thank the Easton Mountain volunteers and staff who tirelessly work day and night to support Arts in the Woods and all of EM retreats we could not do what we do with out you!

To my Easton Mountain Support team. THANK YOU!

Ben Colburn who was not unable to attend the camp but supported me by keeping me on task, helping with program development, fund raising, seeking sponsors, and navigating a computer with lightning speed. Thank you Ben, I could not have done this you! To Freddy and Wil thank you for all of your amazing support through all aspects of the creation of this program over the last year. Your love and support has gotten me through all of the challenges creating this amazing program. Together we accomplished a vision for our mission and LGBTQ youth programming at Easton Mountain.

To John Stasio thank you for your vision, friendship and love in supporting me and my and my projects at Easton Mountain.

Finally, thank you to our Collaborating Agencies Ali Forney, New Alternatives, Sylvia's Place, and Boston GLASS. Our Sponsors, Dick Blick Art Supplies, Price Chopper, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. Than you! To our individual donors and everyone who contributed their hard earned money to support Arts in the Woods we could not have done this without your generosity!

Hunter Reynolds