Best Friends

If you were at any Easton Mountain event this year, you probably met one or more of our Best Friends. These are men who paid one fee in 2012 and could attend, without additional charge, all of our camp programs and up to five other Easton Mountain sponsored programs.These men really do become friends with each other, with all the residents, and with many others in our extended community. Some of them have participated in work weekends, facilitated workshops during the camps, and volunteered to help Easton in other way. We are grateful for all they have done. We really do regard them as best friends and hope that they will now sign up to return to the program next year. We're also excited to see who will be our new Best Friends in 2014. The Best Friend 2014 offer has just become available and is open to the first thirty men who sign up by December 31. Check the Best Friends page on our website for more information.