Building Community, One Meal at a Time

Taste4Comm logo Meals bring people together!  People coming together build community.  Your participation is going to be vital to the success of our Taste for Community series of dinners happening throughout the region.

You are invited to come celebrate all that Easton Mountain has meant to you and share your vision for how we can continue to meet your needs and better serve the gay community in the future.  You can do this by attending a Taste for Community dinner near you.  Several members of the community have very generously offered their homes and culinary talents to create an evening where men like yourself can gather and share about how Easton Mountain has played an important part in your life and contribute to our future.  They are happening in places like Quincy, Schenectady, Boston, Newton, Chicago, Manhattan, and Ithaca between May 16th and June 1st.  The hosts are covering the cost of the meals and we are asking you to consider making a $100 contribution which will go to supporting the life and mission of Easton Mountain.

You probably have already noticed that magic happens whenever the talented, generous men of our Easton Mountain community gather together.  Ideas are born, dreams are shared, and deeper bonds of connection are fostered.  Please take a look at the various dates and locations where the Taste for Community events are happening, and do make it a point to come.  The details are listed on our website’s calendar of events.  There will be food, drinks, time to socialize, a short video presentation, and in some cases a guest speaker.  By attending you are playing a key role in helping us have a successful Summer season in bringing together men who love men to better integrate, celebrate, and heal body, mind, & spirit.  This is our mission…together.


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