Bears, Bass, & Butterflies!

As Bear Your Soul Summer Camp approaches we would like to introduce you to our wonderful Faculty!Let's begin with Counselor Don Harvey!

BYS smr14 Faculty - DonDon is Bearapalooza's master of the low end on the bass guitar, and a ‘good ole boy’ singer songwriter, with songs about trailer park romance, furry otters, and hot truck stop encounters. He will be jamming in the live music shows, but he also loves butterflies! No seriously, he is a butterfly and moth specialist at the Smithsonian and can't wait to take the bears into the woods for an informative Butterfly Nature Walk!

If you could have an experience of going to “summer camp” that let you connect; body, mind and spirit, with a small group of about 40 men of all shapes and sizes, would you go?

I came to Bear Your Soul hoping that there was more to gay community than drinking and hook ups. I discovered that I can create a community of men who love and celebrate one another’s spirit, and life will never be the same – Tom Workman – Washington, DC. If you could open your heart, feel more empowered, let go of shame, let loose your inhibitions, feel supported, and challenge yourself to be more free and have more joy in yourself as a gay man, how much would that be worth?

It was the best experience I’ve ever had. I never thought I would make such a solid connection with strangers who end up becoming new friends. It is truly more than the average bear run. – Jason Moyer – Greensboro NC

If you could learn Belly Dance, play naked in the mud, enjoy an outdoor concert, take an erotic massage workshop, be a part of a tribe of men at a bonfire, enjoy great food, beautiful land, and fellowship, would you spend time creating a community that embraced you as who you are right now?

One of the most wonderful things about Bear Your Soul is that they facilitate it in such a way that you don’t need to worry about being “chosen”, which is often a factor in typical Bear Runs. In the activities and workshops, you find yourself paired with different people in different random ways and you find yourself making connections with people you might not have otherwise. I left feeling so much love and have stayed in touch with many of the men I met that weekend – Adam Shapiro – NYC 

If this sounds like you.. consider coming to Bear Your Soul Summer Camp - more than your average Bear Camp! – Aug 6-10 at Easton Mountain in upstate NY – as the organizer I am always available to answer questions!

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