Candy's Corner - Blown Away


While visiting Easton Brother Ross MacDonald in Canada, he took me on a beautiful scenic drive along the Nova Scotia coastline on our way to the world famous, Peggy's Cove.  I had promised him a poem if he took me to see Peggy's Cove.  I could sense Ross' disappointment as the sun set and the landmark was shrouded in darkness by the time we pulled up.  I was not disappointed!  I stepped out on to the rocks, clung to the lighthouse as the wind blew around me, and stared out in to the waves, and this poem came to me:  

"Blown Away"

Stand here crucified with sin

Pummeled by the howling wind

Arms stretched wide, just you and me

Thrown to the mercy of the sea

Torn open to the blackest ocean's

Hypnotic, murky, moody motion

Pulled to the edge and feeling small

Drawn here by your ghostly call

Rooted there on ancient stone

Petrified, I'm not alone

Through violent waves I search for calm

Trusting you'll do me no harm

Souls screaming, shattered space and time

Take back what's yours, give me what's mine

Tortured surf, I feel your pain

I will not sink in you again

Jet black water, purple skies

Pierced my ears and stung my eyes

Primal, raw, bathed in your song

Part of you, though don't belong

Your ice cold breath whipping my face

It's time for me to leave this place

I turned my back in to the night

Stare up at your guardian light

Black hounds descend and steal the day

Pounding heart, I'm blown away!

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